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Medical Billing Services

Virtual Office Assistance

Easy Bill MD Incorporated.
40+ years of experience.

Certified Medical Billing Specialists.

We strive to ensure ALL your eligible services are billed

We keep refusals, denials, and partial payments to a minimum

We monitor claims and make sure they resolve

After-Hour billing support through WhatsApp


Appointment Scheduling and Virtual Assistance 

You run your practice.
We've got the rest.

About Our Medical Billing Service

Here at Easy Bill MD,
We understand that doctors today are under an incredible amount of pressure to bring health and wellbeing to their well-deserving patients every day. They have too much to do and not enough time, even with the help of their office assistants, who are just as busy. That's where our expertise in medical billing and office assistance comes in! As medical billing consultants, we work with you, your medical staff and your existing billing software system to audit your accounts and retrieve your lost and overdue claims. We then stay with you, providing customized support to meet your billing needs.


Whether you are a doctor in need of billing services, or just looking for a virtual office assistant, we are here to help! So that you and your staff can focus on what matters most; your patients. 

Saving You Time and Effort

We provide a full billing service for your claims. This includes claim submissions, remittances, corrections and re-bills. Telephone and email support is included, and we charge based on the amount collected. We don't get paid until you do!
We can help you schedule appointments, and related tasks.


Our Services

We offer Competitive and affordable prices vs the Industry standard. Actual price may vary depending on quote and scope of work
Simply chose a service that's right for you, and contact us for a quote.


From our Valued Clients

"I have been working with Maria Piscopo, and Michael Perrotta for the last several months. They are the most  reliable, knowledgeable and sincere billing agents I have come across. I have tried a few and have been very disappointed. They work with utmost honesty and give very prompt replies. They deal with the entire billing process and rejected claims very appropriately. I have been recommending them to very close physician friends. I consider myself very fortunate to have found myself such an efficient billing agent. They give excellent advise to obviate audits and have very good knowledge of the codes and keep billings in check. I am extremely impressed with their performance and will recommend them to any fellow physicians."

Dr. Niti Bhatia

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